Changex Launches on Zealy (Crew3): Join the Community Now

⚡⚡ Attention all gaming enthusiasts! ⚡⚡

We are thrilled to announce that Changex has officially launched its account on Zealy, previously known as Crew3 – the number one gamification platform for DeFi and crypto projects!

We’re really excited to be a part of the platform and have our own community there, because it gives us many new ways to interact with you and offer you added value on your Changex journey.

We will be using Zealy to host a variety of challenges, games, competitions, and giveaways, which you can use to level up your account, win rewards, tokens, and access other benefits.

Ready for a game of infinite replayability?

How Zealy works

You create your account on Zealy

You find and join the Changex Zealy community by using your existing Discord account. This automatically makes you a member and gives you access to the first several missions (quests for all your RPG nerds), incentives, and competitions.

By the way, the official Changex Discord community can be found here.

Getting started with Zealy

Looking around the platform, you will also see that your newly-created account has its own level. You advance in level by earning XP points in exchange for completing various tasks on the Zealy platform. Earn enough experience and you will level up, unlocking access to new missions and prizes.

Tasks, missions, quests – you name it

The tasks and missions could be anything really: a simple post on Twitter, joining Discord, creating a meme or video about Changex, interacting with the app in different ways, leaving a review for the app on the relevant app store – virtually anything, so there are infinite grounds for improvisation and fresh content.

Clicking on each task shows you that task’s objectives, the XP it will give you, and how to prove the task has been completed by you and you alone;

Gain XP, advance in level, and get bigger and better rewards, unlocking the next tiers in the progression and advancing your account to the next stages of the journey.

There’s something for everyone on Zealy – the missions are varied and our giveaways will offer exciting prizes for those who complete them. We’re just getting started, so naturally the missions will change as time goes by, and so will the rewards – better, bigger, more enticing.

Join the community today to see what we’ve got in store and stay up-to-date with our latest events and announcements.

Let the games begin – start playing now!

See you at the leaderboards 💖

The Changex team

Hey, nice to see you here 👋

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  1. I hadn’t heard of Zealy before now, but it’s a nice way of building community engagement.

  2. I like new projects that give you some benefit for dedicating a little of your time to it. I think it’s the fairest thing to do.

    1. This is so true- it’s a really fair way to engage the community. I’m loving all these daily and weekly quests!

  3. Very good project i AM happy to joing this event! Here i have all i was looking FOR, tasks, quiz, learn-to-earn, and invitation program!! More chances to get some knowledge a d free crypto

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