BNB Liquid Staking comes to Changex with 6% APY

We are thrilled to announce the integration of BNB liquid staking into our platform, thanks to our incredible partnership with Stader Labs!

This new addition paves the way for enhanced earning potential, broader exposure, and improved diversification options for all users.

BNB staking comes to Changex with one of the highest APYs in all of DeFi – up to 6% – which is significantly higher as compared to other staking providers. It’s also liquid, which means that the staked assets remain usable even while earning you in the background.

The boosted yield program for BNB will run for 30 days starting today, 23 May. 

Get your wallet now and start staking

Boosted Staking Pool

At Changex, we always strive to provide our users with the best possible returns. Our new staking pool offers an exceptional opportunity to earn passive income. For the next 30 days, we’re boosting our staking pool by a remarkable 2%, allowing you to earn up to 6% APY.

The 2% boost will be paid out to all stakers in one go at the end of the 30-day bonus APR period.

The BNBx Token

When you liquid stake BNB on Changex, you will be issued the BNBx token. This token represents your original staked amount and can be freely used across various DeFi services and protocols. By embracing BNB liquid staking, you not only earn passive income but also gain access to a vibrant ecosystem of DeFi opportunities.

Unstaking and Rewards

We want to ensure that you have a smooth experience when it comes to managing your staked assets.

When you decide to unstake your BNB, the BNBx tokens need to be returned to your wallet in their entirety. Additionally, there will be an unbonding period of 15 days, as mandated by the BNB chain itself.

Your accumulated rewards will become available for use after the unbonding period concludes. It’s important to note that rewards are only earned from staking to unstaking date, and no rewards accumulate during the 15-day unbonding period.


The BNB liquid staking integration is a significant step forward in our commitment to empower our users on their financial journey. It is also the fourth staking pool to join Changex, offering yet another option for diversification and passive income, again with a unique offering for boosted earnings and much-needed flexibility.

The 30-day APY boost begins today, so make the most of it – stake your BNB with Changex now.

We thank you for being a member of the Changex community.

Best regards,

The Changex Team

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