Changex enables ERC20 swaps for all available tokens

Weโ€™re proud to announce two major milestones for Changex that arrive with the new app release โ€” Changex v. 1.6.0, now available in the App Store and the Google Play Store! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

โšก๏ธ Ethereum token swaps are now available in the app!

You can now swap any two ERC20 tokens in a few simple steps and diversify your portfolio.

To do so, go into the wallet of the token you want to Swap, hit the โ€œSwapโ€ button on the bottom, and choose which token you want to get in return. Itโ€™s a very straightforward process, but if you need any help, you can always ping us in the Changex Official Telegram.

Donโ€™t have a wallet yet? Get it now:

๐Ÿ Changex for iOS | ๐Ÿค– Changex for Android

โš ๏ธ A transaction fee of 1% for Ethereum swaps will be implemented in a future app update. Keep in mind that you need Ethereum in your wallet in order to pay for network fees, and you can easily buy some with your bank card or via bank transfer. Learn how to do it here.

New ERC20 tokens added

๐ŸŒŸ We have integrated new tokens for both the iOS and Android versions of the app. They are 1INCH, SNX, AAVE, and SAND, and their common ground is that they are, of course, all ERC20 tokens, and you can easily get them now.

We hope you enjoy these new additions as much as we did implementing them!

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The Changex team

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