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What is Changex?

Changex is a hybrid personal finance app for managing, investing, earning, and growing crypto and fiat assets. The Changex DeFi wallet is completely decentralized and offers access to multiple blockchains with simple cross-chain operations, fiat-to-crypto purchases, staking for its CHANGE token and the HYDRA token, and a simple interface into the world of crypto and DeFi. 

Changex is also one of the few DeFi wallets that will incorporate bank accounts and Crypto Debit Cards into a DeFi wallet. Users will be able to access their crypto and fiat in the same app, easily buying and selling their digital assets without any transfers. Users will also be able to receive their salary in the wallet, pay anywhere cards are accepted, all the while earning passively on multiple options – staking, leveraged staking, lending, and savings. 

Why should I choose Changex for my crypto? What makes you special?

Changex offers a unique blend of services, taking centralized and decentralized elements and fusing them together into one single app. Because our wallet is completely non-custodial, and because you can have your very own bank account to go with your crypto. Because getting your Changex crypto debit card will let you use your crypto in the real world, just like your national currency, anywhere. Except your national currency does not give you 45% annual return from staking – but CHANGE does.

How does Changex help me?

Changex is developing the most simple way to manage, invest, and grow your wealth. You’ll have your Euro bank account, crypto, and multiple ways to invest and earn passive income in the same app. Changex will offer you unprecedented freedom for using your crypto in daily life via the Changex Crypto Debit Card. It will also provide the easiest way to cash out – one of the most convoluted and nerve-racking moments in crypto. You’ll be able to one-click convert your crypto to Euro without any extra steps and it will be ready to use – that’s it.

Where can I learn more about Changex?

Please visit our website to learn more about the project and its future. 

Where can I download the Changex app?

Download Changex for iOS here.

Download Changex for Android here.

You can stay updated by following Changex’s social media accounts:


What is the CHANGE token?

CHANGE is the native token of the Changex app. It is a multi-chain, deflationary token, which will serve as one of the key elements of the Changex ecosystem.

Why should I buy the CHANGE token?

Holding and staking more CHANGE will make you eligible for additional benefits and rewards for our banking service like increased cashback and better rates. Staking $CHANGE is also the first step to unlock higher APRs: when you stake any POS token in Changex, its staking pool is taxed with a commission. This commission is then used to buy CHANGE and airdrop it to you, effectively increasing your CHANGE APR, but it does not work without having staked CHANGE first. The airdrop mechanism provides buying pressure on CHANGE and helps with price stability and growth.

The token is also deflationary, multi-chain, and has a burn mechanism in place in order to reduce the supply. 

On which chains is CHANGE available?

Currently, CHANGE is available on the Ethereum and Hydra networks. At some point in the next few months, the token will also be available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), exposing us to a large community of users.

Where can I buy CHANGE?

The CHANGE token can easily be bought in the Changex app, on the Hydra decentralized exchange (not recommended for beginners), and on one centralized exchange – MEXC. The exchange will have custody over your CHANGE tokens, however, while buying in the Changex app ensures your tokens remain yours at all times. 

More options to buy CHANGE will be available soon.

What is the CHANGE token contract address?

CHANGE ERC20 (Ethereum) contract address: 0x7051faed0775f664a0286af4f75ef5ed74e02754

CHANGE HRC20 (Hydra) contract address: bd3c617d271b3467bd9b83dda73c9288de2fb0c9

How do I buy CHANGE?

You can refer to this guide to easily buy tokens with fiat and swap them for CHANGE in the app. You can also buy CHANGE on the Hydra DEX and on the UniSwap decentralized exchange.

We will also be adding fiat-to-CHANGE purchases very soon, and you will be able to buy the token with your bank card or via bank transfer.

What are the CHANGE tokenomics? 

Total supply: 425,000,000

Public Sale, ICO ($2.4M): 150,000,000 (35.3%)

Founders & Team ($0.36M): 22,500,000 (5.3%)

Treasury: 97,500,000 (22.9%)

Liquidity: 30,000,000 (7.1%)

Airdrop: 5,000,000 (1.2%)

Tier 1 Institutional Investors: 50,000,000 (11.8%)

Staking Pool for first 9 months: 20,000,000 (4.7%)

Launchpad Supply: 50,000,000 (11.8%)

Can you explain the synergy between CHANGE and other POS tokens in the app?

Of course. So, every asset that can be staked in Changex will have its own staking pool, where the staked tokens of all users are put together. By pooling them together, the stakers amplify their chances to mine a block and earn a reward. Whenever such a staking pool is created in Changex, a commission will be applied to it. 

This commission will then be used to buy CHANGE and airdrop it to CHANGE stakers. To benefit from this mechanism, you need to stake both CHANGE and one of the other POS assets in the app. The more assets you stake, the higher your CHANGE rewards will be. Meanwhile, you continue to earn on your other staked assets as usual. 

Crypto Debit Card

Tell me more about the Changex crypto debit card?

Certainly. The Changex Crypto Debit Card will be linked to your wallet and Euro bank account. It will let you spend at any place where cards are accepted, just like a normal bank card, but you’ll be able to spend crypto and Euro with equal simplicity.

By using the app, you will be able to choose which currency to spend in a single tap of a button.

Will the crypto debit card be available globally?

Card distribution will begin in the European jurisdictions, and we will expand our operations to more regions in the coming months.

What national currencies will the crypto debit card work with?

Initially, the Changex crypto debit card will support spending of Euro.

I live in Europe. How do I get my card?

Please sign up for the card waitlist on our website and stay tuned for more information.

Will paying with the crypto debit card work everywhere?

Yes, the card will be a fully-functional debit card which can be used at any place where cards are accepted, but with the added value of spending both crypto and traditional currency (fiat). Please note that at least in the beginning it will be available only to EU residents.

Will there be a yearly crypto debit card fee?

The fees for the card are yet to be determined but we expect them to be either extremely low, or completely non-existent, especially for early-bird ICO investors and CHANGE holders, so as to be as competitive as possible.

When is the Changex crypto debit card expected?

We expect to begin distributing the Changex crypto debit cards in Q3 2023.


Crypto-friendly banking – can you tell me more?

With pleasure. Changex is one of the first projects to incorporate Euro banking inside a fully non-custodial DeFi wallet. This hybrid offering gives you control and ownership of your crypto, and everything you might expect from your bank in order to easily buy crypto, sell crypto, and use it for daily spending.

You will be able to complete all the necessary steps to invest in crypto, stake it, and potentially cash out and use it in the Changex app alone – no need for transfers, converting, or other extra steps.

Both crypto and your Euro assets will be at your fingertips always, and they will be always avaiable for use, whether it is for investing, passive income, or spending.

Is Changex a bank?

No, Changex itself is not a bank. Changex will hold a banking-as-a-service license and will act as an agent of an electronic money institution (EMI), which is much like a bank, but smarter and specially designed for the digital age, with various benefits and perks to go along with it. This makes Changex much more flexible, smart, and adaptive when compared to a normal bank.

Where will Changex banking be available?

In the beginning, Changex banking will be available in Europe, but we will gradually expand to include more jurisdictions in the near future.

Will everyone get an IBAN?

Yes. This is one of our core offerings — offering IBANs to all our users (initially starting with Europe) so that they can use their wallet as a bank account, where they can receive their salary, send funds, pay for services, and more.

Staking in Changex

What is staking?

Staking is one of the most widely-used forms of passive income generation in DeFi. It is a process in which you lock Proof-of-Stake tokens to be used by their underlying blockchain network in the Changex wallet. By locking them, you secure the network they operate on and earn rewards in the form of more tokens. Rewards are measured in APR and APY, where APY includes compounding interest for your token. 

Which coins can I stake in the Changex wallet?

Currently, you can stake the CHANGE token and HYDRA – the proprietary coin of the HydraChain.

What’s the lock-up period for CHANGE staking?

There is no lock-up period. Your tokens can be redeemed at any time, unlike many other coins.

Will you have more staking options?

Yes. We will be adding additional POS tokens and creating staking pools for them. 

How do I stake CHANGE in Changex?

It’s incredibly easy to stake CHANGE. 

  1. Buy BTC, ETH, USDC, or USDT in the app with your bank card.
  2. Swap it for CHANGE.
  3. Click on your CHANGE wallet.
  4. Choose Stake.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

You need to have some HYDRA to stake CHANGE on the Hydra chain OR some Ethereum to pay for transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

How do I stake HYDRA in Changex?

Please refer to this guide.

How do I stake HYDRA from my HYDRA wallet without moving coins to Changex?

Please refer to this guide. This method is not recommended for beginners, and Changex is still the easiest way to do delegated staking. 

I had a certain amount of HYDRA before the delegated staking transaction, but now I have less. Why?

Your HYDRA balance is lower because the transaction fees for the delegated staking transaction were deducted from it. Transaction fees for delegated staking tend to be higher, but are paid only once. In some cases the blockchain may deduct a higher balance from your wallet, but will refund the excess. Learn more decentralized staking here.

What is Leveraged Staking?

Leveraged Staking is a unique proposal of Changex, which will revolutionize how DeFi produces passive income. This proprietary mechanism has the power to increase the staking rewards of any POS token integrated into Changex by a factor of 1.2-2x. 

How does Leveraged staking work?

ChangeX’s Leveraged Staking product is a pretty unique technology, which takes your base asset (the one you want to leverage) and creates a margin position for it.

For example, your base asset (Hydra, for example) is used as collateral to buy Stablecoins (at ~5-9.5% APR) from the stablecoin open lending market, and then to acquire more of the same base asset from DEX Pools (therefore almost doubling it), then placing it into a Leveraged Staking Pool, all in a few simple clicks. This will bring you twice the staking APR one would normally gain.

This is just a very brief explanation, but more on the matter can be found here.

When will Leveraged Staking become available for public use?

The Leveraged Staking mechanism should be available in early Q3 of 2023.

App functionality

Does Changex support multiple wallets at a time?

No, Changex currently supports having only one wallet.

How do I import a Hydra wallet to Changex?

Please find the steps below:

  1. After downloading, installing, and launching the app, click on “I already have a wallet”;
  2. Enter your seed phrase in the same order that you had written it down when you created your Hydra wallet (no line spaces, just simple spaces between words);
  3. Toggle the ‘Use Passphrase’ button to On so you get a password box and enter your Hydra wallet mnemonic password. Click on “Verify”;
  4. You should see a screen saying that the wallet import was a success. Agree with the Terms of Service by and click on “Get started”.
  5. Double check that the Hydra address is the same as you intended to import.

Will Changex integrate other ecosystems?

Yes, this is actually our go-to-market strategy. We are planning to onboard multiple high-APR tokens, such as BNT (Bancor) and CAKE (PancakeSwap), which will greatly benefit from the magnifying effect of leveraged staking. Changex will become a true multi-chain system by implementing bridges, cross-chain swaps, staking on multiple chains, and more.

Will Changex be able to help with regards to tax-related information or reports?

Yes, you will be able to access activity reports which will help you with information on your transactions in the Changex app.


Is Changex a registered company? 

Yes, Changex’s services are operated by Olympus Capital JSC with registration number 206820199 and registered address: bul. Simeonovsko shose 33, Sofia 1700, Bulgaria.

Who are the team members?

Please refer to this link to see the people behind Changex.

How do I know my funds are safe, why should I trust Changex?

Changex is building a 100% non-custodial DeFi wallet. This means that once you create your wallet, you are the only one who has access to it and ownership of it, the funds therein, and its private keys. To understand more, please refer to this article.

What about my IP, pin code, passwords, and other personal information? Remember MetaMask?

Changex has no access to any personal information – pin codes, IP addresses, or passwords. We cannot access, record, or collect personal data. The only exception to this was during our ICO, which included a KYC process, but the data has been purged.

You guys know what happened to LUNA. How can you convince us that this won’t happen in your case?

All user funds are related directly to the blockchain and are not stored in centralized wallets. This means that we do not have any control over, or access to, your funds. With respect to fiat, we will be licensed and regulated and will use a third-party banking-as-a-service provider, ensuring the safety of your funds. We do not believe in algorithmic stablecoins and what happened to LUNA has no correlation to our business model. The same applies to FTX – we are completely decentralized and transparent, and everything can be viewed on the blockchain explorers.

Does Changex have to take on risky positions to facilitate high rewards, for example cash back on credit cards? How are these generated?

Cashbacks and other rewards on cards are dependent on the user tiers. We haven’t set them yet, however, we won’t be taking any “risky positions”. The rewards will be competitive, but still sustainable. We know what happened with certain competitors.

Right now the focus is on the DEX Launch on the Hydra DEX and staking event launch which will be executed on the 19th of July.


How does Changex plan to attract new users? What marketing steps does the team plan to take and when will you intensify your marketing?

We view our Leveraged Staking functionality as the greatest way to attract users from other communities. Stakers always search for the best rewards and through leveraged staking we can really tap into a vast pool of inflationary POS networks, therefore increasing the opportunities we give to users. We are also working very hard to get onboarded with a few Tier 1 exchanges as well as launchpads to gain exposure to their users. We are focusing on partnerships, but we will be also doing paid advertising, although carefully, given the current market conditions.

Where do you see Changex in the next 5 years in terms of development? What are you looking forward to in the big picture?

What we want to achieve with Changex is to provide all users, no matter their technical knowledge or background, with a simple, yet powerful tool to achieve financial independence. Investment opportunities, multiple payment methods, a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose from (and spend in the real world), will unlock crypto to the world, and we mean to do it on the most simple terms, so anyone can use it. 

As for what we really look forward to – that would be for sure our banking-as-a-service license and the Changex crypto debit card.

What are your marketing plans?

We plan to build further awareness and increase our exposure once a few of our Core products are ready, for example Stables Staking and Lending / Leveraged Staking on high APY assets. This would give us direct access to new communities and users who always scout for the highest yields!

We are definitely making sure not to waste any resources on paid marketing that primarily brings in Bots and temporary people that just come in to gain marketing rewards, regardless of the market conditions.

It also goes without saying, that the success of any Crypto project is mostly propelled by the community and it would be quite helpful to spread the word, whenever we have an opportunity to do so. Besides what we already have planned, If anyone has any ideas that they would like to share, then please feel free to do so.

Do you have any marketing plans to get people unfamiliar with crypto involved through this project, and what is your strategy for achieving this?

Yes, one of our target groups is precisely digital banking users who are not familiar with crypto and DeFi in any shape or form. We will be approaching them with the idea that they will have access to the exact same services and tools that traditional/digital banking provides, but with a few cherries on top, i.e. multi-chain crypto, various DeFi tools and services, and the crypto debit card, to name just a few.

By offering a friendly and familiar setting to users who might be reluctant to put in all the effort it takes to buy, trade, and stake crypto on multiple different platforms (especially when it comes to DeFi). We believe Changex has the potential to be the gateway between worlds, so to speak, where bank users feel at home, but with a lot of added value.

Additionally, we aim to create and provide a set of educational materials that basically show that crypto and DeFi are not a get rich quick scheme, i.e. speculation, but a powerful tool to generate passive income and diversify one’s portfolio, through e.g. lending and staking.”


“-41 Not enough UTXOs”

You do not have enough HYDRA in your wallet to pay the blockchain transaction fees. Adding more HYDRA to your wallet fixes the problem. 

“Data is not valid! Check the provided information and try again”

one possible reason for this error is that you are trying to send out more funds than are available in your wallet. You should always have a few HYDRA in your wallet to pay for transactions.

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